Happy New Year

Greetings to all in this amazing new year! We here at Aces Braces and Dental hope everyone stayed safe and is ready to make the most of what’s to come! Make sure you get your cleanings scheduled so that you can start off refreshed. We know most of you have already thought and started on the resolutions, but here are some helpers for you if you haven’t made one or are looking for more!

Resolution Ideas:

1. Floss Daily :) (most of us are tired by the end of the day and forget, but a quick floss can save a lot of hassle and bacteria build-up!)

2. 2 minute brushings (we often are in a rush and what may seem like a good amount of brushing can only be 45 seconds, lets up that to 2 minutes! May seem like a lot at first, but 2 minutes twice a day does wonders)

3. Remember to replace your toothbrush about every 3 months, or when bristles start to fade or flare. Don’t put too much pressure on your brushes especially those with electric ones. A little pressure goes a long way! Save the workout for the gym :)

4. Last but certainly not least, schedule and keep up with your cleanings. Even though we take excellent care of our teeth during the year, we all still need that little extra help to get what we may not see. Our wonderful dentists on staff are here to help with just that and to answer any questions you may have.

We hope these resolutions help you to make this year an awesome one!
Feel free to contact our office any time
We can’t wait to see you :)

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